Thursday, October 22, 2009

More good reviews for "Unicorn"

We've also heard back from Centerstage Chicago and ChicagoCritic- both of them also really enjoyed "The Last Unicorn." Here are links! review

Centerstage Chicago review



San said...

Hi Ed. Absolutely loved the play. And I'm not just saying that cause Tracy is my girl.

I really hope your adaption becomes official so it can reach a wider audience. Also, thanks for flying in Peter S. Beagle for the opening night Q&A. I enjoyed that immensely as well. Plus he signed my promo card "To Markisan, "Death to Red Bulls!" upon my request.

By the way, any chance the artwork used on the promo card might be considered for cover art on a new edition of the Last Unicorn book?


Carolyn Chandler said...

Hi Ed, hoping to come Saturday or sometime next week before it finishes! Could you post which ones you're planning on attending? I'd like to go when you're there, to say hi and talk masks :)


PS so glad to hear about all the great press!

Ed R said...

Hi Carolyn,
I'm doing box office on Saturday night 11/7, so I'll definitely be there then. I'm also definitely watching closing night on 11/14 and helping give a talk back after the 11/14 Saturday matinee. I might stop by at other performances, but those are the ones I know for sure I'll be at. Thanks, and I hope to see you!

Carolyn Chandler said...

Just bought the tickets for the last show Saturday at 8pm. Looking forward to seeing it and congratulating you in person!