Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feeling nostalgic

Hello everyone, I'm back. A lot has been going on in the mean time. I also wanted to take another look at this blog and consider the possibility of resuming posting. Promethean's production of "The Last Unicorn" is over, but I still want to be able to communicate with all of you about new developments with the project (and there have been some!), as well as to talk about other things theater and life-related. In the mean time, I wanted to share with you some additional favorite photos of mine from "The Last Unicorn"- these are new ones that we haven't posted online before. All of these photos are copyright 2009 by a friend of mine, Tom McGrath of TCMcG Photography. Enjoy!

Kyla Embrey as The Unicorn considers the possibility that she might be the last of her kind.

Two scholars (Paul G. Miller and Beau Forbes) square off about the physical properties of Unicorns.

The Unicorn leaves her forest and sets out on the Road.

The Butterfly (played by three actors, John A. Lewis, Laura Skokan and Paul G. Miller)

The Unicorn is caught sleeping by Mommy Fortuna (Barbara Berndt) and her Midnight Carnival.

Rukh (Derek Jarvis) shows the gawkers (Jessica Cluess, John A. Lewis and Laura Skokan) the Midgard Serpent while Schmendrick (Nick Lake) and the Unicorn watch.

The Harpy (Christina Gorman) bides her time.

Mommy Fortuna (Barbara Berndt) disguised as Elli, the spirit of Old Age.

Mommy Fortuna to the Unicorn: "I had to give you a horn they could see!"

Even the Harpy thinks Schmendrick's a bad magician.

Freed by Schmendrick (Nick Lake), the Unicorn (Kyla Embrey) shakes off Mommy Fortuna's enchantments.

Rukh (Derek Jarvis) starts to strangle Schmendrick (Nick Lake): "I never did like you. You put on airs, and you're not very strong."

The Harpy (Christina Gorman) escapes (oh crap).

Schmendrick (Nick Lake) tries to remember what he knows about the Red Bull.

Jack Jingly (Beau Forbes) tries out the new password: to call like a giraffe.

Willie Gentle (Laura Skokan) knows he isn't that good a singer.

Schmendrick (Nick Lake) does AAAAAMMMAAAAZIIIING magic tricks!

Schmendrick (Nick Lake) gets intimate with a tree he accidentally brought to life (played by Caitlin Costello, Barbara Berndt and Laura Skokan). "There is no immortality but a tree's love."

A Princess (Caitlin Costello) performs the ritual virgin's Call to a Unicorn while her Prince (Beau Forbes) reads a magazine.

The Red Bull begins to appear.

Prince Lir (played by Brian Pastor)

Amalthea (Kyla Embrey) defeats Mabruk (Derek Jarvis, with extra monster hands by Caitlin Costello and Christina Gorman). Haggard (Jack McCabe) and Lir (Brian Pastor) observe.

As the Unicorn forgets her past and becomes more human, romantic sparks begin to fly between Prince Lir (Brian Pastor) and Lady Amalthea (Kyla Embrey). These photos were taken at one of our dress rehearsals- eventually we made the mark on her forehead a lot smaller and darker, but it's pretty big and red in some of these photos as you can see.

Haggard (Jack McCabe) confronts Amalthea (Kyla Embrey). "Do you still pretend to be human?"

In a flashback, two unicorns dance (Christina Gorman and Beau Forbes) before being trapped by the Red Bull.

Haggard (Jack McCabe) watches the final showdown from his tower.

The Unicorn grieves over Prince Lir's body, ignoring the Red Bull.

The Unicorn visits Schmendrick in his dreams as he, Molly Grue and Lir are sleeping.

At the end, the Unicorn returns to her forest and brings it back to life.

This was an incredible experience for me, and I'm so grateful for the help of everyone that made it possible, as well as to all of you that came and saw it. Thanks!