Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making the sea (alternate title: feeble excuse to post a song I like)

I'm back! Recently when talking about the show with someone who's familiar with the story, I was asked how I'm planning to stage the scenes involving the ocean, and the unicorns being driven into/ released from it. I'm a big believer that the simplest, oldest tricks work best. And I like to think that this piece is going to help people reconnect with a story they were fans of in their childhood (and/or hopefully are still fans of now, like me!). As a kid, did you ever use a bolt of fabric when playing a game, or pretend, or doing a school play, to represent the sea? I'm thinking that something similar could work for the stage production of "Unicorn," if done tastefully. The music video I'm posting below ("Elephant Gun", by Beirut) has a great example of what I'm thinking- I love the whole video and think you should watch the whole thing, but the bit I'm talking about starts at about 2:00. Credit goes to the folks at Strange Tree Group (they used this song as part of their music lineup for their production of "The Mysterious Elephant") for first introducing me to this song- their aesthetic is pretty neat, and if you're looking for a cool show to tide yourself over while you wait for "Unicorn" to open, I'd recommend seeing their upcoming production of "The Dastardly Ficus."

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