Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We Play Rough.

On Sunday November 1, we struck the set, costumes and other items for Goblin Market. One of the things we had to return was a borrowed dressmaker's dummy that we got from Sacred Art, the store run by our marketing and PR director, Kate Merena. We used the dummy as a stand in for the girls in the show- at one point, both of the actresses are playing goblins who are tempting one of the sisters, and we used the dummy to represent the sister who is being tempted, being acted upon and caressed by both of the actresses playing goblins.  As the scene teaches its climax, the dummy gets knocked over and one of the sisters removed her goblin mask and steps back into the scene as herself. Unfortunately, this dummy was made of fiberglass, and unbeknownst to us until strike, the knocking over of the dummy across 19 performances had a, ahem, deleterious effect:

What can I say? When we play, we play rough.

p.s.- Kate knew what we were going to use it for and was totally cool about it. Thanks Kate!

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