Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some great reviews for Goblin Market...

We've started to get some press coverage for Goblin Market, and overall it's been pretty favorable. We run through October 31, so those of you who love a dark fantasy musical should check it out- tickets available here!

From Time Out Chicago:

"It's the perfect choice for those who prefer seasonal Halloween fare of a more classical, high-minded flavor...the performances deliver, as does the accompanying music. What matters most rings true."

From Gaper's Block:

"There was no doubt that Stephanie Stockstill and Jennifer Grubb were amazing...this story theater production is one to see."

From New City Stage:

"Laura (Stephanie Stockstill) and Lizzie (Jennifer T. Grubb) have incredible operatic ranges with which they sweetly harmonize and deftly trill."

Don't miss it!  : - )

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