Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My thoughts on CLASH OF THE TITANS

Wow did this movie piss me off. Why the hell does Perseus have a buzz cut? Is this new version an allegory for promoting the armed forces. "I want to do this as a man"= the new "army of one?" Am I just being a paranoid liberal? Maybe. But I have to admit that the new version of Clash of the Titans fills me with rage. How is it that these "stunning" CGI effects are more boring and less convincing than the claymation and stop motion creations from the original? Why are they letting Fiennes reprise his turn as Voldemort in this movie? Why is Zeus wearing medieval armor when this is set in Ancient Greece? Are the djinns this movie's annoying, insulting version of the jive-talking Transformers? Seriously, what focus group decided to add those jerks? How could they possible have made this movie more witless than the original? I grant you, that takes some doing. Neither of them care particularly about faithfulness to the original myth, but the back story of the original still seemed much richer somehow. And the new love interest, "Io" (turned into a cow, right? Ha! NOT IN THIS VERSION!)- man she couldn't act. Bland, bland, bland. I devoted my childhood to studying Greek mythology and other folklore, and apparently the only reward I get for that in contemporary culture is this piece of crap. Don't waste your money on this like I did! Stay far away. >:-(

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