Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why I'm not a photographer

Sorry posting here has been a bit sluggish of late. I'm very busy helping work on marketing and PR for Promethean's latest show, "Measure for Measure." Actually, we just took some initial publicity photos last night. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm light years away from being anything even remotely resembling a professional photographer, but I'm also pretty pleased with the results. Advice for other theatre companies who need to take press photos but have no idea how to really use a digital camera:

1) The flash is your ENEMY. If you use it your pictures will look especially amateurish. It's impossible to do anything interesting with light when the flash is on.

2) It's worth investing in some way to keep your camera steady so you can do a longer exposure without blurring. Ideally your photographer should have hands still enough that they could do surgery. I lost way too many shots to blurriness because my hands are Shaky McShakington. We didn't have a tripod so finally I had to sort of lean the camera against a table to keep it steady!

3) I'm now officially sold on digital cameras being the wave of the future- see below. If *I* can get results this decent, anyone can with a little patience and care.

Without further ado, here are the three publicity photos we've chosen. I've decided they act out a little story. For your entertainment, I'd added captions. By the way, the two actors are our leads, Beth Wolf as Isabella and Brian Pastor as Angelo. Will they also be in an upcoming play I'm directing involving a mythical animal??? I'm not telling. : - )

Picture One:

Isabella: "Dear Lord, please make Angelo spare my brother."

Picture Two:

Angelo: "Sure I'll spare your brother. As long as you >whisper whisper whisper<...."

Picture Three:

Isabella: "As long as I say WHAT now?!"


Anonymous said...

Try light coming from the viewer's left and slightly higher than the subject(see how Vermeer did it)

Try varying distance to subject and the scene involved in photo

I like the close-up soft light effect (or is that a thin layer of biscuit grease over lens?)

Good job generally!

Ed R said...

Thanks for the feedback. Considering I'm an utter amateur at this it came out pretty well, but I think I'll leave it to the professionals after this. Though who knows, maybe I have a dormant shutterbug gene waiting to be expressed!