Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inspirational(ly Creepy) Music, part 4: The Harpy

I'm hoping we'll have found a sound designer and composer soon for "The Last Unicorn," but in the mean time I keep thinking my own thoughts. So I'm thinking about the Harpy, and there's two pieces of music that work really good for incidental music along with her scenes- so try these on for size.

The first is from an animated movie- the whole track is good, but I was thinking the first 1:17 of it work well for when the Harpy is first seen.

And then, the second is from a video game, of all places! But I think it works great for when the Harpy is freed and destroys the Midnight Carnival.

Do any of you have music you feel like works great for "The Last Unicorn." Let me know in the comments below. Music from the movie is cheating!


Anonymous said...

Please, no drum riffs in the background, Too Andrew Lloyd.

Ed R said...

Yeah, I know what you mean- I go back and forth on it. After all, it is supposed to be an adaptation of a fantasy novel, not a rave. But at the same time, our concept for the harpy is that she's supposed to be a badass, and as much belonging to "reality" (as opposed to the fantasy storyline everyone else inhabits) as the unicorn. So I think the anachronism of the accompaniment might still be appropriate. I'll let my sound designer weigh in on it once we've got him/her on board (lord knows I'm no expert). Thanks for posting your opinion!