Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Preshow 80s fantasy mix?

Even though (as I've said before, and will probably say again here) the Promethean production of "The Last Unicorn" is a new adaptation of the novel, and not the animated movie, I'm hoping to connect with people for whom seeing the animated movie was a major part of growing up. Hopefully, like me, they saw the movie a bunch as a kid, loved it, and then moved on to encounter the novel as well. In an effort to avoid any kind of brand confusion, the sound design for the show is going to utterly eschew any of the (in my opinion great) songs from the animated movie. But I'm wondering how we can evoke for the audience that idea of reconnecting to a fantasy story from childhood. One idea I had is to make have preshow music that's made up of songs from other fantasy movies or TV shows I knew growing up. What do people think of this? Here's a tentative lineup I dreamed up:

"Dance Magic Dance" from Labyrinth
"The NeverEnding Story" from...well, look, if I have to tell you....
"Flight of Dragons" from "Flight of Dragons"
The theme song to the cartoon "The World of David the Gnome"
The song the princess sings in "The Magic Pony" (the English dub of the Russian film "The Humpbacked Horse")
"Underground" from Labyrinth
Tangerine Dream's "Loved by the Sun" from "Legend"
"The Greatest Adventure" from the animated version of "The Hobbit"
The other David Bowie songs from "Labyrinth", though to be frank I don't like them nearly as much.

Is this a terrible idea or a cool one? Some of these songs are STILL on my playlist and I'm 27. Some of these are clearly a product of their time (i.e. 80. BAD 80s.) but could be a treat for people who recognize them. Any preshow music (if we even HAVE preshow music) is going to have to be decided through discussion with our eventual sound designer, but this is one thought I've had.

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Try these out for fun - said to be royalty free . "He is the Wind" is ethereal.