Sunday, November 23, 2008

And We're Off to the Races

Welcome, everyone, to The Last Uniblog! This blog has been created to document the creation of a live stage version of "The Last Unicorn," a novel by famed fantasy author Peter S. Beagle. The play will be produced in Chicago, IL by a small, scrappy yet enthusiastic theatre company in the latter half of 2009. Many of the details are still being determined, but yes, we have the rights, thanks to the gracious generosity of the author and his business manager, Connor Cochran. The blog may occasionally digress into discussions of other topics, especially those that involve:

a) Unicorns (naturally)


b) The Chicago theatre scene.

Who am I? For now, just call me Ed, though of course more information will be available soon. I'm a huge fan of this story, both in its original novel form, and the animated version that Mr. Beagle wrote in the 80's. I don't doubt that many of you reading this are like me: a fanatic about the story, who grew up watching the movie repeatedly and who eventually (hopefully) moved on to the novel as well. Check back for new updates often. To steal/paraphrase from awesome playwright Tony Kushner, the great work has begun. Woo-hoo!

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